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Inform ERP distributor software gives you the power to dramatically revitalize your business. Drive higher sales revenue, improve inventory performance, increase revenue per employee, reduce costs, and streamline warehouse operations. See a few of the top 2014 innovations so far.

  • Business Applications
    Business Applications -

    Intuitive counter sales and order fulfillment, strategic customer pricing, sophisticated inventory forecasting, automated product procurement, robust and flexible financial reporting. Combine all of that with Inform's beautifully integrated CRM, marketing, and sales tools and you get the most productive, high-value ERP system on the market for wholesale distributors and related showrooms.

  • Performance Analytics
    Performance Analytics -

    Get remarkable insight into the details of your company's performance with drill-down analytics. Easy to understand business dashboards, with hundreds of readily available and customizable reports.

  • Content Center
    Content Center -

    Inform ERP is unique - Beyond managing order and inventory data, Inform is your eCommerce content center. Manage product categories and subcategories, images, sell sheets, related items, and product details. Now you have a fast, efficient, single data source to drive your eCommerce site, ERP reporting, and mobile apps.

  • Inform eCommerce
    Inform eCommerce -

    Professionally designed web storefront and real-time customer service site. The 'customer portal' improves service, builds customer loyalty, and increases online sales.

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  • Mobile Solutions
    Mobile Solutions -

    Tablet and touch driven product catalog, order entry, and customer service system. Driven by Inform's content center, includes product images, inventory and customer specific pricing, sales history, order status, invoices, and more.

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Inform ERP Software

Learn about how inform distribution management software powers the business needs of wholesale distributors improving efficiency and increasing profitability.

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See How DDI System's Inform Distribution Management Software Will Revolutionize Your Business.

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    If I hadn't purchased inform when I did I would not be in business today.

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